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Do you have what it takes to be a crew member aboard William the Fourth?

Do you have a passion for maritime history?

Are you keen to be an active volunteer and provide a valuable community service?

Are you proud to show off our city and harbour to visitors?

Join a unique group of dedicated enthusiasts and become member of an important team?

Want a healthy outdoor activity in your spare time?

Are you willing to be trained and will adhere to formal procedures?

Then we are keen to have you join our team of volunteers.

William the Fourth is owned by William the Fourth Inc. and all crew become members of this incorporated association. New members undergo a 3 month probationary period where they participate in operations and become familiar with the ship.

The ship is entirely maintained and operated by volunteers and operates under commercial licence and AMSA survey category 1E.

The licence requires:

  • a certificated qualified master – near coastal under 35m, with local knowledge certificate for Newcastle Harbour.
  • A certificated engineer – MED3, as well as one licenced GPH.
  • At least four trainees or general deck hands are also used at all times.

A full crew training programme is available and drills are conducted regularly.

New crew members are most welcome. We encourage anyone interested in volunteering to meet any of our crew at the ship to obtain a full briefing.

Benefits of membership

  • Members and families can enjoy functions on board eg; Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Australia Day.

  • The satisfaction from maintaining and or crewing this historic vessel which is so important to Newcastle and the Hunter’s maritime heritage.

  • Bringing your skills to this ongoing project and learning new skills.

  • Socialising whilst working with other like-minded people.

  • See and learn about Newcastle harbour while crewing for charters and public cruises.

Call or email us for more information or complete the membership application below.

Technical questions

What timbers are used in the ship?

The keel: Ironbark

Frames and ribs: Spotted Gum

Planking below waterline: Spotted Gum

Planking above waterline: Oregon

Decking: Oregon

Knees: Tea Tree

Interior Fittings: Red Cedar

What size is the ship?

Length of keel: 23.7m

Overall length: 32.3m

Beam (mld): 4.8m

Beam (extreme): 9.2m

Depth (mld): 2.5m

Draught (mean): 1.59m

Paddlewheel Diameter: 2.44m

Height of Main mast: 16.6m

Speed (approx.): 6 knots

Displacement (load): 110 tonnes

Main Engine: YUCHAI turbocharged marine diesel – 6 cylinder 234Kw at 2,100rpm

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